Reflections & Thoughts

Spiritual reflections are good sources of inspirational thoughts and stories that can help you learn more about God and strengthen your faith. Faith is not just believing.  It’s believing in what God speaks to us.  It’s the belief in His very Word and in His very Person.  Interestingly, when we do enter into the gift of faith, we grow in a certainty about God and all He says to a radical degree.  That certainty is what God is looking for in our life and will be the answer to His question “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”. 

This is a good and interesting question that Jesus poses.  He poses it to each one of us and asks us to answer it in a personal way.  The answer is contingent upon whether or not we each have faith in our hearts. So what is your answer to Jesus?  Presumably the answer is “Yes.”  But it’s not just a yes or no answer.  It’s hopefully a “yes” that continually grows in depth and certitude.

What is faith?  Faith is a response from each one of us to God speaking in our hearts.  In order to have faith we must first listen to God speak.  We must let Him reveal Himself to us within the depths of our conscience.  And when He does this, we manifest faith by responding to all that He reveals.  We enter into a belief in His Word spoken to us and it is this act of believing that changes us and forms faith within us.

Reflect, today, upon how authentic and how certain your faith is.  Reflect upon Jesus asking you this question.  Will He find faith in your heart?  Let your “Yes” to Him grow and commit yourself to a deeper embrace of all that He reveals to you each and every day.  Don’t be afraid to seek out His voice so that you can say “Yes” to all He reveals.

So, what are we as Christians to do? The first thing to do is what not to do. We cannot ignore the secular culture and we cannot ignore those who denigrate the Christian Faith. We must evangelize and share our faith. We must pray for those who do not believe and for those who are “weak” in their faith. Secondly, we must be better informed of our faith and willing to share it. As St. Francis of Assisi is reported to have said, “preach the Gospel by our actions and when necessary use words”. Our faith, our love of God, the Father in the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ demands to be shared with others. This sharing must be done with courage and mercy, with love and generosity. Finally, as previously stated, we must pray and allow the Lord to use us in proclaiming the Gospel.

Lord, I desire to grow in faith.  I desire to grow in my love and in my knowledge of You.  May faith be alive in my life and may You find that faith as a precious gift I offer to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.