Message: Feast of St. Francis Caracciolo, June 4

On the occasion of the feast of one of our founders St. Francis Caracciolo, Fr. Ted Kalaw, CRM Superior General of the Order sends a letter to all the Brothers highlighting the importance of communitarian vocation, that is, “to be saints for our own time.”

Following the footsteps of our founders, the superior General reminds all Adornos that they are called to “celebrate and embrace this sainthood.”

During his lifetime, St. Francis Caracciolo experienced so many challenges but found a way toward an austere holy way of life in order not to succumb to temptations and despair.

In just the same way, Fr. Ted reminds the family of the Adorno Fathers “not to allow ourselves to be driven by the rushing rivers of fear and despair. Our vocation never changes because of the new normal.”

God never changes. He remains faithful to us and asks that we remain faithful to him. Putting our confidence in God and in the Blessed Eucharist is the way of life that St. Francis Caracciolo left us to follow.

With all the uncertainties of the present life, the Father General reiterates the importance to live out the faith by good example. To be that beacon of light in the darkness of our world like the “bright paschal candle in the vigil night of Easter triumph singing Halleluiah to God.”

“Let us live in hope” Father Ted adds. That means to enjoy the vocation in the religious life with a living hope and the assurance that “we will never be abandoned by the Lord. God has a plan for us and for the world, we must entrust everything to God’s loving plan for the days ahead.”

Ultimately, never stop loving because love is the highest virtue, quoting St. Paul. Fr. Ted reminds all Adornos that “Love will allow us to move and to serve one another. Love unites us and will get us through many difficulties.”

Our common vocation as Adornos is to live holy lives centered on love. Love for the Lord and love for our religious community.

The Constitution of the Clerics Regular Minor (Adorno Fathers) states: “Common is God, common is the commitment to perfection, common are the difficulties, common the work, common the salvation, common finally will be the glory” (Const. 69 Chapter IV).

The words of St. Francis Caracciolo should reverberate in our selves today, “In the end we die and when we least expect, and I will not be asked if the Institute has increased and expanded, but if I stayed with the task of being a good religious.”

He sends his blessings to all: “My blessings and fraternal love be with all of you during this time of celebration… May Saint Francis Caracciolo bless and protect us always.”

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