New Mission: Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh: State of India, known as “the land of the rising sun”, hidden in a corner of eastern India, wedged between Tibet and China, unique for many reasons, is the gateway to Southeast Asia. Part of its uniqueness: the snow-capped mountains, the most torrential rivers in the world, the first rays of the morning sun, the breathtaking natural beauty, dense forests with rare trees of the rain forest, wild animals of all kinds, the greatest variety the world of orchids and above all fascinating people from different tribes with their own religious traditions and customs.


Here the tribes cultivate what they need for their daily lives. Arunachal Pradesh is a land of mission with endless opportunities for evangelization. We are in the diocese of Miao inaugurated on Feb. 26, 2006, dedicated to Christ the Light, with the Rev. George Palliparampil as the first Bishop.


The Diocese of Miao is located in the east of the state of Arunachal it consists of 8 districts, bordered on the north by China, on the south by Myanmar; with a population of 483 500. The diocese has about 75,000 Catholics, 41 parishes. Every parish has a number of mission stations connected to it. Each station has a missionary catechist who prepares Christians for liturgical functions and organize the service of prayer, in the absence of a priest. The place where I am now is a village called “Neotan”.


Here we have a parish, 8 mission stations, three convents, with the responsibility of a school superior and a hostel for boys. Are two diocesan priests. The tasks are divided among ourselves to pastoral activities and school activities. Father Jojo is in the village of “Namsai”, far enough away from me. He is also engaged in pastoral and in school activities. Some tribal areas of Arunachal not have access to electricity, drinking water facilities to, to health care centers, in educational institutions, a means of communication and media. Most of them are still cut off from the rest of the world.


Our daily commitment is to learn the language and knowledge of the local culture. A heartfelt thanks to the decision taken at the last Diet General to open this new mission, where we have many brothers and sisters who are waiting for the proclamation of the Gospel. Soon I will send more details. Our first support are your prayers.