Blessing of the CRM House at Bhekuliang Arunachal Pradesh

Thanks and praise be to God for all His blessings and plans. For the Greater Glory of the Rising Christ, on April 10, 2021, our new Community residence building, has been blessed and inaugurated. It is the fourth one and the first mission Community in the Indian peninsula, in Bhekuliang, Arunachal Pradesh, North East India.


The blessing has been done by H. E. Mar George Palliparampil, SDB, Bishop of Miao diocese, at 10.00 O’clock in the morning. His Excellency has blessed our house, chapel and surroundings and presided over the first holy Mass, in which he has also administered First Holy Communion to five of our children from the village’s Catholic Community. At 11.30 AM, Shri Karikho Kri, the honourable MLA of our Constituency, inaugurated our new building by cutting the traditional ribbon.


Many people, our beloved Confreres, Fr. Shino Naduthadathil CRM, (General Consulta member), representing our Father General and Councillors, Fr. Robin Mampallithadathil CRM our Delegation Superior, Fr. Shinto Kanjirappallil CRM (Delegation Council member), Fr. Jeffin Arackaparambil CRM, Fr. Leo Naduparambil CRM and Mr. Linto our well- wisher, came from Kerala. Also Fathers and Sisters from our nearby Parishes and Communities, our friends and well-wishers from our Region, our beloved parishioners and villagers including our gambuda, chairman and other honorable persons were present at this historical moments.

There was a short meeting soon after the inauguration in which our honourable guests shared their ideas and felicitate our community. Our mission school children performed some cultural programs and dances for the invited guests. After that, we served a fraternal meal for everyone, and all enjoyed our presence and friendship. Our community lived a very joyful and memorable day.


Fr. Antony Paravettiel, CRM